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Devon Rex

Our Story...

Barashta Devon Rex cattery started in 1999 the tried-and-true way: one year of researching by reading everything I could get my hands on and networking with Devon Rex breeders followed by getting my first show Devon Rex, a neutered male kitten named Desert Waves Sean Sidhe of Barashta. I had to show him for a full year; that was the promise I had to fulfill to prove to breeders that I was a safe person to entrust with the results of their labor, their genetic lines. Sean became my heart kitty, the one it was okay for me to lavish all my love and attention on. At the time I thought adding an additional cat to the total number of cats in my future cattery was illogical. After all, cats are not herd animals and the more cats, the higher the stress level of each individual. But at some point I realized the cat fancy must have reasons for why things are done in a certain way, in a particular order, and I simply followed what my mentors told me had to be done if I wanted to do right by my cats plus be taken seriously as a reputable breeder. At the end of that first year of showing, four different breeders each agreed to place one of the four cats that became the foundation of Barashta Devon Rex. 

Living in Minneapolis provided driving challenges in getting to shows since I soon had an infant son to bring with me while my husband remained at home to look after the cattery. Sometimes Nancy Poulos, my local mentor, a Persian/Exotic breeder who was president of our local cat club and who taught me many hands-on things about cat care, would help me out by agenting my show cats so I could stay home. I was so lucky that Mary Robinson, who imported the first Devon Rex into North America, agreed to mentor me in Devon Rex. Mary spent many hours with me teaching me what to look for in each of the areas that make up the Devon Rex Standard of Perfection. Both Nancy and Mary were lost to cancer. 

A reputable breeder has a goal of improving the breed. One of, though not the only, measurements is made through showing at cat shows. 

ACFA 2001-2002 – Int’l 2nd Best Devon Rex Alter – Desert Waves Sean Sidhe of Barashta

ACFA 2002-2003 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – TGC Capilano’s Arafel of Barashta

ACFA 2003-2004 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Kitten – Barashta’s Ariel

ACFA 2011-2012 – Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – Barashta’s Princess Aspasia

ACFA 2012-2013 

– Int’l Best Devon Rex Cat – GRC Barashta’s Point Too Far ‘Farah’

– Int’l 2nd Best Devon Rex Cat – Barashta’s Princess Aspasia

ACFA 2013 – Became Devon Rex Breed Chair in American Cat Fanciers (ACFA)

– TICA 2021-2022 — 

Int’l 8th Best Devon Rex


Best Devon Rex & 20th Best Cat Great Lakes Region — 


QGC Kocia Mafia’s Celine of Barashta


In the years that followed, I gained additional experience in caring for cats as a veterinary clinic receptionist, veterinary technician, pharmacy technician, and the clinic's office manager. The veterinarian was very focused on first eliminating problems caused by what the animals were eating and drinking; I learned many things about feline nutrition.


After twenty years, it is time for a change. Time for me to start thinking of working with other breeders in collaboration and transitioning to the one passing on what Nancy and Mary and experience have taught me. Going forward, my Devon Rex will now have the cattery name of Rebedev Devon Rex which is jointly held by myself and my wonderful friend, Rebecca Patterson, who happens to live in Florida. Two breeders working together, it turns out, makes everything easier from helping a queen with a difficult birth to sharing the travel to shows and kitten homes to having a built-in partner to knowledgeably care for all the cats while the other actually gets to go on vacation!


A personal note: Not that many years ago I was diagnosed with autism, which explains a lot! Interfacing with applicants has always been very draining for me. Working in collaboration with Becky Patterson and her daughter Heather means we divide duties based on our individual strengths. I talk to our families once they have chosen us as the breeder they commit to. Consequently, I'm not available via email or phone, only through our Facebook groups.


So if you've received a recommendation for a Devon Rex from Rebecca Ansari, that's still doable, just under a different name. :-) Please use the site navigation to the Home page to read our explanation of what we do to insure the healthiest Devons possible, to submit questions via a web form, and to navigate to the page on Rebedev and to the application form. The About/Contact page does have email addresses for Becky and Heather.

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