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Becky Patterson, founder of Charmed Purr Devon Rex grew up in Northern Wisconsin with cats, dogs and horses.   She went to college for graphic and website design and moved to SW Florida in 1999 and started a career in real estate.  After 10 years in the real estate market and experiencing the ups and downs, she decided that she wanted to go back to her first love which was animals.  She started doing cat foster and rescue (despite her husband's allergies) which then led to working at a local vet clinic and becoming a vet tech.  A couple of years later she sat her husband down and told him she wanted to breed and show Devons and well the rest is history.

Becky was introduced to the Devon Rex breed in 2002 while searching for a cat breed that her husband's cat allergies could tolerate.  They purchased 2 pet Devon Rex females and the love affair began.  A few years later she purchased 2 more pet Devons.  


After having a couple of horrible experiences with purchasing sick cats,  she decided that if she was going to pursue breeding the most important thing would be the health, welfare and quality of the cats.  Also, she decided that providing a high level of customer service was crucial.  Becky has worked very hard to achieve these goals and is quite proud of cattery.  She is constantly on a mission to strive for excellence!  When not working with her cats, Becky and her husband Bob enjoy boating, kayaking, being outdoors and spending time with their grandson.

Becky at a LCWW show with
Judge Steven Savant & Vanessa Wolf
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Heather is Becky's youngest daughter.  She grew up in SW Florida helping her mom with foster and rescue and when she got older, working at a vet clinic as a receptionist.  Heather graduated from The University of South Florida with a degree in Anthropology.  Heather is married and has a young son and currently resides in South Carolina.  They have 5 kitties including a Devon and a Burmese.  Heather maintains the website, applications, Facebook & Instagram accounts allowing Becky to focus on the kittens and cats and maybe,  just maybe one day we can offer a Charmed Purr location in South Carolina.  Heather loves being outdoors, going to aquariums and spending time with her family. 

Heather and Her Family

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